The New Kid on the Block

Did you know there’s a new kid on the videconferencing block?

Have you learned about Whirlidurb yet?

Whirlidurb is a solution that provides engaging learning opportunities for students. The Whirlidurb team loves video conferencing and collaborating. We create learning opportunities for teachers and students. Read more

Whirlidurb services include:

  • Content for the classroom
  • Professional Learning Network
  • Video bridging management and operations
  • Video conference scheduling
  • Consultation and new site registration
  • Help desk and technical support

Shane Howard and Roxanne Glaser are the dynamic duo behind Whirlidurb.

Do you remember my research from last year?

One of the results was that schools who are using curriculum videoconferencing more have two essential external supports:

  • An organization offering and targeting programming to the school’s curriculum
  • Outside technical support for videoconferencing

In my research, this type of support was offered by an educational service agency, or by organizations like CILC, TWICE, etc. You can see the full list here.

Well now, you have another choice for bringing this type of support to your school. Guaranteed to generate increased use of curriculum videoconferencing in your school, and increase the best practices of VC in your school. I say this because I’ve partnered with Shane and Roxanne for 5 years, and I’ve seen the results in their schools.

So, if you’re in need of a boost to your VC program, or need help dusting off a unit in the closet that could be used to bring the world to your classroom, think about Whirlidurb.

Full Disclosure: Berrien RESA has a partnership with Whirlidurb and I am clearly a fan of Shane and Roxanne’s work.

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