The Pardon of Richard Nixon

This morning Brandywine High School connected to the for their program on Gerald Ford MuseumThe Pardon of Richard Nixon. (It’s free!) The preparation materials includes primary source documents and information for the students to read to prepare for the videoconference. Students are divided into 5 groups for the program and each group focuses on a different aspect.

The presentation comes from a replica of the cabinet room. The program started with a tour of the cabinet room and the various features & paintings.

Then the students discussed various in depth questions with the presenter, including reaction of the public and if the pardon was constitutional. Students used background knowledge of government, U.S. history, the amendments, etc. to answer the questions.

Then they participated in a simulation that included voted and a choose-your-own-ending type scenario with different video clips shown based on the students’ choices.

The program was well done and the students were engaged. This was our first time with this program and I think we probably will have some other classes connect for this program next year!

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