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Here’s a collection of notes & thoughts….

  • I’m about halfway through listening to the whole interview between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates at the D Conference last week. It’s great evening entertainment for those interested in technology. I caught a reference by Bill Gates to videoconferencing and looked it up. Microsoft is working on a teleconferencing product called RoundTable. Intriguing, but it seems to be designed for meetings and may not work well in a classroom setting. But might work for shared classes. Something to keep our eyes on.
  • Did you know that TANDBERG has an education newsletter? Here’s a sample from my inbox and here’s how to subscribe. Enjoy!
  • This is really cool from CSD’s blog. A parent wanted to find out about a museum they connected to so they could visit on their summer vacation! Isn’t that cool!! Content providers, you never know when you’re inspiring an actual visit to your museum!!
  • Mark your calendar for Megaconference Jr. on February 21, 2008.  You won’t want to miss it!!
  • PBwiki came out with a new word-like editor this spring. Makes editing in a wiki a whole lot easier. Also, I’ve recently updated the list of collaborative projects on our collaborative VCs wiki. Lots of great examples of VC projects for your summer trainings!
  • The New York Hall of Science has a nice set of bios on their presenters (explainers) on their blog. Check it out.

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  1. We actually participated in the “Snake, Rattle, and Stand Still” mentioned in the Tandberg newsletter and Tommy really did have live rattlesnakes there. Our students enjoyed watching the rattlesnakes and learning about them.

    On another note, I am going to try to get Tommy Bearden blogging this summer…he has so much to share and is doing GREAT things out in West Texas.

    Great ideas…thanks for sharing.

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