Thoughts on the Lit Review Process

As you may notice, I’ve been reading like crazy over my Christmas break. I’m taking a class this semester that requires a literature review, among other things. I intend to keep reading like this in the evenings over the next couple months. I have collected over 200 references on videoconferencing, and intend to read and share them as I have been doing.

I know that some of you, my blog readers, will skip these due to lack of time. And I totally understand! But for those of you who do read them, I am very interested in your comments, questions, thoughts. Please comment, if you have time and interest.

You might be wondering, why do it at all? Roxanne sent me this link a while ago: My Blog, My Outboard Brain. This really vibed with me. I think of my blog as a place to keep, organize and sort knowledge, particularly knowledge about videoconferencing. It’s a place to keep answers to questions I often receive. Since I have to read these research studies and take notes on them, I may as well write them up for you too. And here they are in a searchable database and I can easily link other knowledge and references as well (i.e. note the links in this example).

So I invite you to join in the process, or just skip past them. Whatever works for you. Here’s to new learning in a new year!

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