Vote for National Distance Learning Awards (by Nov. 7)

Voting is now open for the National Distance Learning Awards hosted by CILC.

Be sure to read over the descriptions carefully. There are some really cool projects in the list! I definitely plan to “Google” some of the nominees to learn more about the neat things they are doing.

Vote by November 7!!

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  1. Janine,
    Thank you for promoting the voiting for these awards. ANYONE can vote.

    You are definitley right about there being so many really great stories.
    I do plan to highlight many of them in the CILC E-News, the next version of which will be published early in December. Hopefully, that willl help us learn more about the people behind the projects and the students and professionals they have influenced.

    Did you know that anyone can be on our list to receive E-News? Just go to, click on Join Now, and choose the Enhanced Service Plan. It is free, you just need to complete your profile.

    Dawn at CILC

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