Tips for Posters

In this post, I am collecting several tips for doing posters well that I’ve collected through many videoconference sessions.

Simple Short Text
Don’t write too much on the poster. Write the key words, the part the other class should write down (if necessary). Put full sentences on the back for the student to read when presenting the poster.

Big Bold Text
Any text that the other class needs to see or write down should be big & bold and written with dark colors. Use large text, strong contrast with no light colors for lettering, and very large pictures or drawings. Huge thick lines for drawing and writing are best. Test your poster by holding it up across the room to see if you can still read it.Compare and contrast the following examples:

Hold Still & Zoom In
If the poster is moving around, the camera never focuses on it, and so the other class can never see it clearly. Hold the poster still and zoom in (or set a preset for zooming in.) Some classes even tape the poster to a chalkboard or set it on an easel to hold it still.

Read off the back
If you read any notes from the back of the poster, it’s easier to keep the posters still and therefore readable for the camera.

Following these tips should make for a much more pleasant experience for the class listening to your presentation.

Please comment if you have any other tips to add.

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  1. Great tips, Janine! I would not have thought about reading off the back as a way to stabilze the poster. But now that you mention it, it makes a lot of sense.

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