Top Ten Reasons Why Meetings Fail

Here’s a funny article from IVCI’s newsletter: Top Ten Reasons Why VC Meetings Fail. My favorite is:

The user schedules the meeting, invites the guests, prepares the presentation and then fails to show up because he/she doesn’t want to be seen on video!

Reminds me of my Top Ten Reasons Why a VC Gets Cancelled. What are your craziest stories?

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  1. Janine,

    Your blog this morning got me thinking about what is needed to have a successful video conferencing program, my list appears below. Now if I could only get school personnel to buy into the idea?


    Ten Steps to Successful Video Conferencing

    Below are the keys steps that I have found are needed in order to be successful using video conferencing. This list comes after ten years of experience using the technology in education.

    1. Ownership:
    a. Equipment, network, process, communications, training, commitment.
    2. Stable Network:
    a. Bandwidth, firewall, testing, certification, problem solving, change management.
    3. Available (In-House) Technical Support
    4. Trained End Users:
    a. Equipment, VC protocol, content resources, basic problem solving.
    5. Practice:
    a. Test calls, reduce fear of technology failure, increase number of positive experiences.
    6. Advance Planning:
    a. Testing, scheduling, communications (internal/external), tech support.
    7. Locate Content Resources and Collaborate with Others:
    a. Free, paid programs and collaborations
    8. Coordinate, Communicate between In-House personnel (Tech-End User) and Outside Parties
    9. Participate in VC:
    a. Just do it! Start your learning curve.
    10. Plan for VC sustainability:
    a. Funds for programs and equipment repair/upgrades.

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