Troubleshooting H.323 Class

Here’s the info/flyer on the workshop I’m taking & contact info for arranging this for your area.

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Engineering Professional Development

Understanding and Troubleshooting Videoconferencing Networks

ITU H.323 is the primary standard for videoconferencing over IP or other packet networks.

In this course, you will go through the standard function by function and view examples, studies and applications. You will also discuss typical problems and issues and be able to visualize them with the help of a sophisticated protocol analyzer. Key topics include:

  • Standard components, including terminal, gatekeeper, gateway, and multipoint controller
  • How voice, video and data flow over H.323 and how calls are processed in the network
  • Problems with video and voice over packet networks and how they are addressed in the standards
  • How ITU H.323 relates to the IETF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), MGCP and Megaco
  • Options for handling firewalls in an H.323 network
  • What is the new H.264 codec? How does it relate to the H.261, 262 and 263 codecs?
  • What is available in troubleshooting and analysis tools and techniques?
  • New developments in H.323, including directory services, security and calling features

Who Should Attend

  • Network engineers, managers, and operators who need to understand how to provide voice, video and data services in a public or private network
  • Individuals who design, manufacture, sell and service network equipment
  • Advanced users of multimedia conferencing services in education, advertising and business services
  • IT support staff and ISP support staff who work with customers of H.323 based networks

For More Information
We can deliver this course to your site, tailored to your needs. To discuss delivery options, please contact:

Thomas W. Smith, Program Director
Engineering Professional Development
432 North Lake Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706
Phone: 800-462-0876 or 608-263-7426

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