Arnie Comer, TWICE ASK Coordinator, is kicking off the first session in the TWICE room (W2-66) at MACUL 2011: TWICE ASK Programs.

What is an ASK program?

The basic steps to an ASK program are:

  • Read the book
  • Journal
  • Write good questions
  • Pick the best questions
  • Interview an author or specialist

Arnie’s session features Michigan author Janie Panagopoulos, who offers both ASK programs and writing programs:

Janie is interacting live with students at Eagle Lake Elementary, in Edwardsburg, MI, who participated in the TWICE ASK program Traders in Time in December, as well as the Polycom Special Event Writing Rules in January.

And that’s all I can write, because I’m off to teach a hands-on workshop! Sign up for a TWICE ASK session soon!

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