Twitter Me This, Twitter Me That: Top Ten VC Twitterers

Another session I popped into yesterday was Ken Conn’s session on Twitter. I was trying to hit two sessions at once, which isn’t always a good idea! The session was PACKED! People were on the floor and crowded in. I couldn’t see the screen, but listened for a while. Ken had some great tips and his PowerPoint and Handout are online at One of the tips was a site that has top ten lists of people to follow. Ken also suggested for getting started to look at who people you know are following to add more followers. I had conversations with a few VC friends yesterday and who were wondering who else they should be following.

So I thought I’d make a little list for you. Top ten people into VC who are tweeting, in no particular order.

  1. Roxanne Glaser
  2. Carol Daunt
  3. Ken Conn
  4. Lori Colwill
  5. Angela Conrad
  6. Heather Weisse Walsh
  7. Christina Hum
  8. Paul Hieronymous
  9. Joan Roehre
  10. Rebecca Morrison
  11. CAPspace (collaboration updates, not a person!)

Who did I miss? Who else would you add? Please comment!

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