Two More Green VC Factoids

Can you tell I’m cleaning out my email today? Lots of little tidbits to share.

These two are from the July 12 Wainhouse Research Bulletin.

The Live Earth concerts, which recently aired in support of global warming awareness, featured short tips before going into commercial breaks. One was simply, “For every 3 meetings held by videoconference instead of flying cross country, it would be like taking a car completely off the road for an entire year.” Think about it…..

A few interesting tidbits from a white paper sponsored by Netherlands-based Talk & Vision, authored by Professor Erik Andriessen….. “Collaborating more in a virtual way has a positive impact on the environment, without jeopardizing the business relationship. Imagine if one in five business trips in the 25 EU countries were replaced by a solution that does not require travelling (such as videoconference), 22.35 million tons of CO2 could be avoided each year. In Holland alone, this would also save about 2 billion euros per year.

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