TxDLA: Skype vs. Standards-based VC: The Showdown

Here are links and resources for my second TxDLA presentation today (Skype vs. Standards-Based VC: The Showdown):


H.323 Desktop VC Options (a few… please comment to add more)

Hybrid / Cross-Over Solutions

  • Vidyo (send a link to anyone to join your VC; also connects to H.323)
  • Blue Jeans Network (connect Skype, phone, H.323 etc. all in the same conference)

Previous Blog Comparisons

Please feel free to comment, add additional resources, or share different views!

2 replies on “TxDLA: Skype vs. Standards-based VC: The Showdown”

  1. From what I see in new deployments and upgrades in the field, H.323 is dying out. SIP is where everything is quickly going. A number of the desktop clients that you list above either use SIP or a proprietary protocol that connects back to a server which can then be gatewayed to SIP or H323. The large telepresence developments (for example Cisco) are SIP based. There are also a number of unified conferencing systems (ms lynx, etc.) that can be converted back to sip or H323. I am also hearing that almost all development on new H323 products/protocol improvements has stoped and everthing is happening with SIP. That makes sense. H323 came out of the H320 world and carried with it a lot a baggage and assumptions about the network that it would ride over (no jitter, no lost packets, etc). That is why H.264 SVC is taking off, since it is really designed to run over networks with jitter and packet (UDP) loss.

    Good list BTW. Looking forward to more updates from TX.

  2. Hmm…Skype is a very good Video chat software. Video conferencing is not free on Skype. I use RHUB web video conferencing appliances, as I need guaranteed attendance for my webinar.

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