Upcoming Online Classes

Are you new to videoconferencing (Skype or H323?) Want to improve your support of videoconferencing in your school?

Take one of our popular online classes. Videoconference assignments are included in both classes.

Past participants have said:

“As a media specialist, I think this course would be extremely useful for my teachers and staff.”

“This is actually the first on-line course I’ve taken, and I am quite impressed. Obviously you’ve put much time and thought into these materials and methods. I got a number of good ideas and insights from the other participants’ postings and replies to posts. Discussion of this type is a key to understanding and internalizing new information.”

“The information presented was all very useful. The contacts made with other schools around the country will be a very valuable resource to tap in the future as will some of the content provider sites.”

Hope you can join us!

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