Using Technology in Teaching College Religion

Today I am guest presenting in a Seminary course on Teaching Religion in College to a group of PhD and ThD students. My contribution will be an overview of some educational technology tools. Here are the resources we will explore:

Technology and Assessment

Technology and Group Learning

Technology and Student Reflection

PPT: DSRE 860 Technology and Teaching Religion in College

Participant Reflection

Consider the tools we have reviewed during this session. Pick one of them, and comment below. What intrigues you with the possibilities? What concerns you? What ideas do you have for your own teaching?

9 replies on “Using Technology in Teaching College Religion”

  1. I like the poll stuff alot with the discussion starter possibilities as well as touching base with the students to see if they understood what has just been covered in class. It gives you some feedback on how to continue to address issues which need clarity.

  2. Facebook should be used carefully and objectively. The potential for abuse is high and editing must be a constant in order to monitor proper use.

  3. Since I already shared in class some thoughts related to various resources, I will just add here that I really appreciated your presentation – both the content, and the way you related with students. Thank you!

    I will make make use of some resources I am not acquainted with.

  4. With technology the possibility are endless. But discernment is greatly needed to know when and how to used. This has been an excellent class!

  5. Poll Everywhere seems to me very helpful tool in order to get feedback from students. It is also good for getting assessment at the end of the class on student’s understanding of the covered material.

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