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I’ve been following technorati searches on videoconferencing terms. Mostly a lot of junk, but here are a few items that were interesting that I’ve collected over the past few weeks.

  • ZDNet has a thorough review of the new Polycom Communicator that works with Skype.
  • Codian has licensed Siren14(TM) from Polycom® for high quality audio.
  • Tandberg has a Usage and Adoption Kit to help “blow the dust” off of unused videoconference units. Of course you have to register to access it.
  • I’ve been hearing the term Access Grid in the last couple months. Need to learn more about it.
  • Yesterday Meet in School, a videoconferencing project in Kent, UK, published a nice set of information, connection, and VC start up sheets.
  • I ran across another videoconferencing blog from Allen County, Indiana. ACELink seems to do mostly videoconferencing but includes other digital contact as well.
  • This is a really cute family videoconferencing story via iSight. The grandchild tried to feed his grandfather via videoconference. Very cute.
  • I had to chuckle at this. Scott Merrick is writing yet another blog. This one celebrates interactive videoconferencing from University School of Nashville.
  • At the Singularity Summit, one of the speakers presented “via a cool videoconferencing technology that projected a life-size image of him onto a glass surface, behind a lectern. It really looked at times as if he were in the room with us.” Interesting to hear about high end new videoconferencing.

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