VCing Within the District

One of my districts in our RUS grant has 7 buildings with new videoconferencing equipment. The district is spread out and has fiber connecting all but one of their buildings. So they’ve started off with simple connections between buildings. Having the middle school students read to elementary students, etc. They are having so much fun with it! Learning the equipment in a much less stressful situation, since they already know each other. Here’s a comment from one of the coordinators:

This was a connection between 2 schools (elementary and middle) in our district. It was the second program we tried of this kind and we were even more pleased than the first time. The middle school students read How The Grinch Stole Christmas to 2 elementary classes. Students at both sites were exceptional! They were engaged, courteous, and very enthusiastic. We hope to have many more of these storytimes, as they are beneficial to all the students in so many ways.

Yet another effective way to get started with VC…..

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