Videoconference Jokes

When I used to teach Word, Excel, email, etc. workshops, I had a PowerPoint of technology jokes that I’d run before the session started.

I’ve wished for a while that I had a set of videoconference jokes to do the same. But there aren’t that many online that are appropriate for educational use.

Here’s one that I found once (the original source is no longer online):

Video Conference Pranks
Arrange with everyone in the room to freeze and quit talking all at the same moment.
Look directly into the camera and move your lips as if speaking, but make no noise.
Have someone off-camera talk while someone of the opposite gender lip-syncs on-camera.

Wainhouse Research Forums include a forum for videoconference humor.

Do you know of any appropriate VC jokes? Comment & share.

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  1. Haha, i like the last one. I work for which is a free video conferencing service. Are you familiar with it? Some of the people I work with will definitely get a kick out of these.

    I’ll ask around and see if any of them know any appropriate VC jokes.

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