Videoconferencing in Michigan

Note: This post was written for the MACUL conference blog 2008 with attendees in mind. However I’m reposting it here because it seems it would be useful for readers here too.

In this session by Max Graves and Anne Thorpe, we learned about the different videoconference providers in Michigan.

We connected to Northern Michigan University to talk to Diane who does the Meet the Musher program.  Her sessions include a video clip of life at her kennel, and interactive questions with her, and with a live dog with her. Usually 3-5th grade classes participate in these programs. The audience asked questions about how videoconferencing works, how to prepare the class, whether permission slips are necessary, and about the dogs as well. The presenters told a funny story of bringing dogs into a videoconference room and a male dog decided to mark the room as his territory.

We also connected to the Cranbrook Science Institute to talk to Cameron Wood who organizes their videoconference programs. Cranbrook has the green screen technology and showed how it worked. They have the People On Content from Polycom. Cameron gave an overview of the programs they offer, and then walked us through the The People of Three Fires program, including illustrations, language, and history. Miigwetch Cameron!

08-03-06fires.jpgHere’s a picture of the TWICE room, but my little MacBook Pro built in camera doesn’t really do it justice!

Other content providers mentioned in this session were:

If you haven’t seen videoconferencing, make sure you swing by Gallery Overlook H in one of the sessions coming up so you can see the possibilities!

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