Visiting Peace River Alberta

After lots of work scheduling and coordination, the first of seven connections with Canada happened today. It’s been my dream for a while to get class to class connections for our Michigan students who study Canada. In these 7 connections we’ll be visiting Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick. The sessions with Peace River are the result of trading PD for projects, which is another model that seems to be working well for our kid to kid project videoconferences.

Today’s session started with Berrien Springs Middle School students listening to the Peace River students start their day with O Canada and announcements.

Next the Peace River students presented a PowerPoint with pictures of their town and school, some of their village history, a day in the life of a Hines Creek student, myths about Canada, and a presentation on each of the provinces.

Next the Berrien Springs Middle School students presented about the 6 regions of the United States and also about their local community.

Finally, the students asked each other questions. The questions started on topics and ideas that were presented by the two classes.  Towards the end, students asked questions about daily life, length of recess and bus rides, and favorite sports teams and more.

We look forward to more connections with Canadian students in the future.

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  1. Love to have you here!

    Really want to get something going with you regarding Toronto trash being shipped to Michigan. Was thinking with another educator of a debate/discussion between students from both sides of the border.

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