Visiting Three Content Providers

Tonight Macomb ISD has again shared with us the successful Virtual Providers Showcase after school workshop. We’re focusing on language arts and social studies related programs. Here’s where we went.

Holocaust Memorial & Education Center
Another way to connect to holocaust survivors. For east coast schools a way to get a connection for morning classes (Museum of Tolerance). There are some mostly talking programs that are still incredibly powerful. Hearing a story live and realizing that the person telling their story is actually in front of them really impacts kids. It makes the reality of the Holocaust incredibly real to the students.

Discovery Center of Springfield
This provider has several programs, not just on science! We learned about the programs on various areas of the world, and how social studies and language arts are included in the science programs as well. The Discover Center sends a kit of materials for all their programs (which have to be sent back when you’re finished). These are used for hands-on activities during the programs. The presenter researches the school ahead of time so she can tailor the program and explain to students the population differences compared to their own town.

Columbia Gorge Discovery Center and Museum
We were wondering when we connected, where this place is in Oregon. Well, it’s the end of the Oregon Trail. They also have a lot of information, exhibits, etc. on Lewis and Clark. They have online web activities, as well as the videoconference programs they offer. The programs have a packet of teacher materials and pre and post activities. They are hoping to develop some new programs in the future on the Oregon Trail, since most of the programs right now are about Lewis & Clark. We really liked these programs. Lots of great visuals – both photographs and artifacts. This is a hidden treasure you probably haven’t visited and should plan to!

Also, since I just learned about Roxanne’s Content Provider Note Taking Sheet, we tried that out in the workshop tonight. Love it! Will definitely keep using this great handout!

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