WebQuests and VC: Is there a connection?

Do you also support the integration of technology in your districts, in addition to videoconferencing? How much have you thought about connections between videoconferencing and other technologies? It’s worth considering and I’d appreciate your thoughts & comments too….

Today in addition to attending VC sessions, I’m learning a few other things as well. Bernie Dodge’s session on the QuestGarden included a wonderful overview of webquests created in the QuestGarden over the last year.

So here are the questions I have related to WebQuests. Now that it’s much easier to create WebQuests with the QuestGarden, what possibilities can you imagine? WebQuests often include a culminating activity that requires analysis, synthesis, design, or evaluation – a presentation, a debate, a project, a hands-on creation.

  • Could those be shared via VC as a culmination to a WebQuest?
  • Could two classes anywhere in the world follow the same quality Webquest (design, decide, create, predict, analyze) and culminate in a high quality activity via videoconferencing?
  • What can we learn from quality WebQuests to assist in designing quality videoconferencing activities? Bernie Dodge is reorganizing the Design Patterns to focus on these five words based on the higher level of Bloom’s Taxonomy: design, decide, create, predict, analyze.

I’ll be thinking more about those five words. Design. Decide. Create. Predict. Analyze. You think about them too! How can these words help us raise the quality of videoconferencing programs and projects?

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  1. I love the five words and will be considering them also. I am going to mention your blog on my next conference wrap up post. I am attending virtually by reading the blogs of those attending and am reading yours. Thank you for an excellent post!

  2. I got this link from Vicki’s blog. As an English teacher, I love the verbs you use to make teachers think about the important components in not just Webquests but all tools for instruction. Those are the key words my students need when creating essays and projects. I like the connection with those and all Web 2 tools including video conferencing.

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