What is a Question?

This afternoon one of my classes did the Sea Me Read program with Mote Marine. I love this program – high energy and informative. I’ve blogged it before, so you can check that out for a full description with pictures.

08-02-28seameread.jpgWhat I noticed this time was the intentional instruction before the Q&A time. How many young students have you seen flounder when offered a chance to ask questions?! They don’t know the difference between a question and a statement. So they try to tell the presenter a story or something that they know, often off topic.

Mote Marine put this slide up before the Q&A time and accompanied it with a cheerful reminder of how to ask questions. Very cool. Something to remember for future young student programs!

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  1. So did they preface it with telling the students that a question begins with one of these words?

    I have noticed this happens with younger students but never thought about putting up a prompt! Again, MOTE demonstrates best practice for us. Thanks for sharing.

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