Wonderful Wikis: Supporting Learning and Collaboration

GAiN Conference Presentation 2014: Wonderful Wikis: Supporting Learning and Collaboration

Wiki, wiki, quick, quick! Set up a website for learning or collaboration or both! See examples of wikis used to promote critical thinking, support collaborative work, manage committee work, and even for peer editing! We will examine different types of collaboration and the advantages and disadvantages of different wiki tools for different purposes. We will showcase a variety of wikis possibilities and discuss various wiki options such as the wiki within Moodle, wikispaces, pbworks, and others.

What are Wikis?

Some Higher Education Wikis

Some K12 Wikis

Some Wikis I’ve Made

Using a Wiki in an Online Class

  • AVLN Pathways Wiki: Participants contribute to resources & write their lesson plans on the wiki. Both are required assignments.

Wiki Hosting Sites


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