Adventures in Writing with Janie P.

This morning while the Thankgiving program was going on, one of my schools connected directly with author Janie Panagopoulos for her Adventures in Writing program.

Janie is set up with videoconferencing in her home now; and she is very experienced with VC, including multi-points. She’s been doing ASK programs in Michigan since at least 2000. Polycom has assisted her with an upgrade to a Viewstation and she also invested in a document camera for showing the writing process.

I chatted with her via Skype to find out how it went. I thought you’d be interested in the support she’s providing to the school along with the VC program. She’s creating a personalized handout for the teacher as a follow-up to the program. In addition, the students will be writing a story for her and she will post it on her website.

So if you’re looking for an author videoconference that can be scheduled when you need it, you should definitely check out Janie Panagopoulos as a potential author to connect with.

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