Thanksgiving Exchange

07-11-19thanks.jpgThis morning Mars Elementary (K) is connected to Riesel Elementary (2nd grade), TX for a Thanksgiving exchange. This project is a result of the Mini-Jazz training that Roxanne and I offered together in September.

After introductions, the students shared turkey artwork and read several things they were thankful for (pets, family, etc.). One thing that worked well in this exchange was the format: each class had 3 students share; then the other class had 3 students share. This made it easier for short attention spans!

Next the students named different things they would be eating for Thanksgiving.

thanksgiving.jpgAll good collaborative projects include a map lesson. The Riesel kids were sitting on a carpet that was a map of the world. This started a discussion of where each class was located and how similar they were.

This quick 15 minute exchange was simple and easy for both classes involved. Students practiced reading, speaking, and listening. Great job, teachers!

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