Pet Peeve: Accurate Names on Endpoints

Here’s a little thing that sometimes drives me crazy. Especially when I’m bridging a more than one event at a time.

When an endpoint outside my network dials into my bridge (Tandberg MPS MCU), the bridge displays the H323 name or the system name set on the endpoint. I really like it when the name accurately describes the endpoint – the name of the school, or “district name mobile unit” or something useful like that.

What’s frustrating is having a conference full of just numbers. 123678, 543723, etc. Those are fairly useless. Then I have to pay attention and write down their number if I need to mute them or force video to them; two functions I do a lot when facilitating MysteryQuest and ASK programs.

So, do me a favor if you’re participating in one of our connections. Make sure there’s a good useful name on your endpoint! It’s usually set in System Settings or H323 Settings. Thanks!!

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  1. […] your system name (usually under general settings). It may also be under H323 settings as H323 name. I’ve written before about the value of an accurate name for your videoconference system. Make sure it’s a name, not just a number. This makes it much […]

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