Pet Peeve: Accurate Names on Endpoints

Here’s a little thing that sometimes drives me crazy. Especially when I’m bridging a more than one event at a time.

When an endpoint outside my network dials into my bridge (Tandberg MPS MCU), the bridge displays the H323 name or the system name set on the endpoint. I really like it when the name accurately describes the endpoint – the name of the school, or “district name mobile unit” or something useful like that.

What’s frustrating is having a conference full of just numbers. 123678, 543723, etc. Those are fairly useless. Then I have to pay attention and write down their number if I need to mute them or force video to them; two functions I do a lot when facilitating MysteryQuest and ASK programs.

So, do me a favor if you’re participating in one of our connections. Make sure there’s a good useful name on your endpoint! It’s usually set in System Settings or H323 Settings. Thanks!!

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