Animal Behavior at the Buffalo Zoo

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Last TWICE session of the day, not quite so packed but still a great group. Presenters are Linda McConville, 4th grade teacher, and Diane Nye, media specialist, at E. P. Clarke Elementary, in St. Joseph, MI.

Videoconferences their school has done are the ASK programs, the Macomb ISD LAPs programs, the Voices project, collaborations with the UK and Alberta, connections with the Columbus Zoo, LEARNnco, the Cleveland Institute of Music, ASK Stellaluna, a connection with Pakistan, Read Around the Planet to name a few.

Handouts for this session included those from the Buffalo Zoo for the Animal Behavior, the Search Help page and Region 12’s content provider review page.

Rebecca gave us a quick overview of what they do, and then gave us a feel of the Animal Behavior program.

We saw a blue tongued skink and identified behaviors it might do. In the rainforest exhibit (via a live camera), we looked for some animals that use behaviors and adaptations to attract mates. We saw many different kinds of visuals …. including a tiny hummingbird egg. “Imagine a bird hatching out of a tic-tac!”

After the program demo, then we saw some of the live exhibit cameras, including a gorrilla who was picking bird seed out of hay.

Teachers got to ask questions, and learned more about how they offer programs, cost, logistics, etc.

Thanks to the Buffalo Zoo for giving us a great overview of their programs and to all the teachers who attended so late in the afternoon!

If you want to learn more about videoconferencing, come to the sessions tomorrow in W2-66!

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