Sharks, Turtles and more in Florida

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Mote MarineThis morning in the TWICE room, we’re off to Florida to the SeaTrek program at the Mote Marine Laboratory. This is one of the TWICE discount providers, so if your ISD/RESA is a member, you’ll get that discount. Arnie Comer, Macomb ISD, is the facilitator for this session.

SeaTrek of course starts off with their high energy intro with video clips. When Kasey came on, the person behind me said, “Can she see me?” Yes she can! And, it’s supposed to be 80 in Florida today!

Kasey gave us a nice overview of the game show on shark myths, full of shark facts and shark myths. Lots of Mote Marinegrins and chuckles throughout the program. The game show is full of graphics and fun sounds. Did you know in 2001 60,000ish people were injured by toilets. In that same record breaking year, 55 people were injured by sharks.

We also learned about the Manatee program, the Sea Turtle program, the Coral Reefs program, and all about their programs.

They are full for the year, and this is their first year that they filled up. They filled up in October, but that was unprecedented. Still they are very popular and amazing, and you’ll want to start registering in August for next year.

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