Another Excited Media Specialist

Yesterday two of my new RUS grant buildings did their first VC between the middle school and preK students at one of the elementaries. They did a simple little story presentation. There was a lot of nervousness at both buildings before the conference, but it went so well they are sold on the idea of videoconferencing. In the words of my media specialist….

We just finished our storytime program with McKinley Elementary and it was GREAT!!! We ended up connecting for almost an hour! The little ones were just a great audience, and even entertained us with a couple of songs. We want to do another one with a Christmas theme before the holidays! This is all just too fun!

So, you’re thinking, it was fun. So what? What did they learn? Think about the skills the middle school students practiced: speaking, presenting, storytelling language arts skills. And what did the little ones learn? Listening skills! And for all involved, a love of reading and books! So worth it!

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