ASK with Janie Panagopoulos

Today we are starting two days of ASK sessions with Janie Panagopoulos: 8 sessions, 24 classes. We are focusing on the books Traders in Time (6 sessions) and Little Ship Under Full Sail (2 sessions).

I love the questions with a comment at the beginning. Janie likes to hear what the students think about her books too. Here are just a small sampling of the comments and questions from today.

  • I noticed that you focused on the theme of teasing at the beginning of the book. Did you get teased a lot in school?
  • We caught ourselves laughing out loud in parts of the book.
  • How would you like to go back in time and visit with your ancestors?
  • Describe how you’d feel if you had to get up in the middle of the night and go canoeing.
  • How do you think of the characters?
  • What made you want to write historical fiction?

We were going to connect to Janie from her home. This summer we worked hard to get her set up with a Polycom PVX on her cable connection at home. Everything was perfect and ready to go, until she came home from travelling and found the cable connection out at her house. So she had to drive her anyway. But we are still very hopeful that soon she’ll be consistently connecting from home and we’ll get her in the Polycom-BCISD / TWICE VC Program Database as well. She has many wonderful writing workshops she can do with schools as well as the ASK program on her many books. So stay tuned for more details!

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