Another MysteryQuest International

Today we have another MysteryQuest International session. The class from Canada had a very creative presentation. They presented from a tour bus including driver, running commentary on the site, and Q&A about the country. Creative presentations are harder to take notes on, but they are much more fun to listen to!

In yesterday's session the classes guessed the answers too quickly. But today we had a bit harder clues and another presentation was added, so the students had to work harder on the answers.

Afterwards we took time again for the classes to ask each other questions. Of course they really enjoy this interaction getting to know students in another country. 

Since we started so early in the morning, the class in Canada had morning ceremonies halfway through the question and answer part. During the Canadian national anthem, the students in Pakistan also stood out of respect. It was a moving moment. As the head teacher in Pakistan mentioned, the classes start their day in a very similar manner. How far apart we are, yet how similar we are. What a wonderful feeling of connectedness!

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