My Favorite Clue

This afternoon we have 6 classes from around the US participating in MysteryQuest USA. This program is very popular and usually fills up within a day or two of setting dates. It is always a delight to have a class from Alaska participating. And so I’m sharing here my favorite clue from their presentation! This tells you how remote this school is!

The best method to reach our city is by helicopter…

We also had a class from St. Joseph, MI put their clues online in a wiki in addition to presenting online. This made it easy for other classes to access the clues if they weren’t able to get them.

Finally, we had a great time asking questions of the class in Alaska. They had 5 students and live on an island with 140 people. One class asked their favorite food – and the answers included blubber! A great experience for students to see how people live in other areas of the US!

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