Are You Watching Megaconference Jr.?

Are you watching or participating in Megaconference Jr. today? Here are a few highlights from today already.

Kuo Kwang High School in Taiwan shared some wonderful little skits on topics such as the Moon Festival and a day in the life of a Taiwanese student. Their presentation gave them a chance to practice English and show off their understanding of words and puns. It was a delight to watch!

Young students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras/Chennai shared learning games and other fun activities with the sites interactive with their presentation. They played a game of Duck Duck Goose, and we saw an interactive class in Ireland share one of their games too. The classes also tossed a virtual ball back and forth between India, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania.

Another presentation shared a couple of beautiful Chinese dances from a dance school in Minnesota.

I'll post more later, but if you're not connected via videoconference, you should watch via streaming

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