Arizona Memorial Museum Association

Today a Galien Alternative High School history class is talking to Pearl Harbor survivors at the Arizona Memorial Museum Association. Students listen to the stories of World War II Veterans who were at Pearl Harbor, and then they take some time to ask questions. The stories of the veterans were interspersed with historical photos and artifacts. This is an incredible experience for history students. Visually rich, riveting stories, personal interviews. And free! Really free! They only have access to ISDN, and they prefer to call out to us! This was our first time connecting to the Arizona Memorial Museum and we definitely will be connecting again.

I imagine though, that if you want to connect on Dec. 7, you have to schedule WAY in advance! In addition, due to the 5 hour time difference between EST and Hawaii time, you’ll have to be flexible and willing to connect later in the day.

I think it’s really important, especially when students are interviewing veterans, to teach them to be a good respectful listening audience, and to thank the veterans for their service. In our previous videoconferences with our local veterans, they really appreciate those gestures from the students.

So try out this content provider if you haven’t yet!

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you!

    I’m a social studies teacher and I have learned many things about the sacrifice of our troops and I know they are the reason we have a constitution! God Bless!

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