ASK Author: Belinda the Ballerina

Today we have two classes participating in Polycom’s Special Event ASK program with Amy Young. The students read Amy Young’s book Belinda the Ballerina and prepared for the conference using the ASK process.08-02-29belinda2.jpg

Amy Young started by reading the book to the students.

  • Did you take ballet?
  • Why did you give Belinda such big feet?
  • Why did the judges hate her and the customers loved her?
  • How many times have you been to Paris?
  • Why did you quit being a lawyer?
  • What is your favorite book of the ones you wrote?
  • Did your first job inspire your drawing or writing?
  • Who is your favorite author & why?
  • How do you make a lot of books?

08-02-29belinda.jpgStudents got to see both the draft of the writing as well as the draft of the drawings. This ASK program was unique in that Amy Young is both the author and the illustrator, so students could see the process from both perspectives.

The students also got to hear her new book, Belinda Begins Ballet.

08-02-29belinda3.jpgAmy also had a pair of Belinda’s shoes, which was really cool! The students were very impressed.

This was Amy’s first time doing the ASK program, and she loved it and so did the students! A great experience for everyone!

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