Snakes, Rattle and Roll

08-02-29rattle.jpgToday I have two classes participating in Tommy Bearden‘s Snakes, Rattle and Roll program. Tommy shared an interactive spot with us, and we have a view only school as well. I hear there are about 100 schools connected for this conference.

The first thing that stands out with this conference is the constant hiss/rattle of the snakes. They sound mad to me, but I haven’t met a rattlesnake before. Great experience for our kids!

Some of the questions were:

  • What happens if a snake bites another snake?
  • What makes the snake venom deadly?
  • How do snakes produce their venom?
  • Have either one of you (the handlers) been bit?
  • Have you even been scared that you were going to get bitten?
  • Which is the most deadly rattlesnake?
  • Do snakes see in color or in heat signatures?

08-02-29rattle2.jpgThere were 8 interactive schools, but the majority of the session was questions, so we were able to ask about 4 questions.

My absolute favorite question was, “We found a recipe for fried rattlesnake. Do you eat fried rattlesnake?” Unbelievably, one of the snake handlers really enjoys various rattlesnake recipes. Yikes! What a learning experience for us in Michigan!!

The audio was definitely an issue. It was hard to hear the presenters over the rattles unless they really shouted. You could hear them straining their voices. I wonder if placements of mics and/or wireless mics on the presenters would have helped. Or I wonder if any of the smart mics that get rid of background noise could have helped? Still it was a great experience for our students, one that wouldn’t be possible without videoconferencing.

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