ASK Author: Do Unto Otters

Ottawa Elementary, whose school mascot is the otter, is connecting this afternoon to author, Laurie Keller, to discuss her book Do Unto Otters. We also have Mars Elementary participating locally, and there are other classes across the US, too. This is a Polycom Special Event and the students have followed the ASK process to prepare.

  • What inspired you to write this book?
  • Which one of your books is your favorite?
  • Did you have a mean neighbor too?
  • Have you ever been to any Michigan schools to visit?
  • Do you always use the golden rule?
  • When did you decide to become a writer?
  • You used a lot of animals in this story. What the process you used to pick the animals to use in the story?
  • Have the rabbit and the otter finished the book about you yet?

Each school also shared their favorite classroom or school rule. Some them were:

  • I will always try to do my best.
  • I am responsible for my own behavior.
  • Hands are for helping, not hurting.
  • Don’t talk when other people are talking.

Laurie also showed all her materials used during the preparation of the book. It was a great experience and I’m sure we’ll do this again!

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