ASK: Donuthead

“You guys are making me think that I need to think a lot more about what I do!” Sue commented to a student in Dowagiac. One of the neat things about ASK programs is that the students think deeply about the book and come up with very interesting creative questions that often stump the author.

Today’s ASK program features author Sue Stauffacher and her book Donuthead. Donuthead is a hysterically funny book about two kids who don’t fit in and how they deal with life situations. The students followed the ASK process to prepare for this videoconference: reading the book, journalling, and writing and selecting excellent questions. Here is a sampling of some of the questions.

  • Where did you come up with the name Donuthead?
  • Do you know someone who is afraid of everything like Franklin?
  • How do you think Franklin would feel if he found his dad?
  • How did you think of making one side of Franklin longer than the other?
  • How many Donuthead books do you plan on making?
  • How do you help young people who are poor?
  • Why did you make Sarah’s dad mean? Was your dad like that?
  • Why did you make Sarah tough and brave?

Sue Stauffacher is a wonderfully funny author and presenter. It’s incredible to listen to her stories, how she writes, and how she interacts with the students.

In the picture to the right, Sue explains the writing and editing process.

As part of the program this morning, Sue read a few paragraphs from the new book Donutheart which is coming out in October. Many questions this morning are answered in the new book. Clearly students, teachers, and distance learning coordinators alike are anxious to read this sequel!

I’m looking forward to next year when we will do ASK with the Donuthead book as well as Sue’s new book Bessie Smith and the Night Riders, the amazing true story of a blues singer who single handedly scared off the KKK. We’ll be scheduling this one in February for sure.

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