GNG: Mozambique

Today Global Nomads connected three schools from the United States, Texas, New York and Missouri to students in Mozambique. Polycom helped to sponsor this incredible connection.

This videoconference series in March and April of 2006 brings the world’s youth face-to-face with their peers in Mozambique to discuss and learn about their respective cultures. Here are some of the topics that will be discussed during the March and April connections:

  • We are as one (breaking the ice)
  • What are our similarities and differences?
  • Independence and Civil War
  • Gender Issues I
  • Gender Issues II
  • A Wild Elephant
  • What we have Learned

A series of classroom-to-classroom and remote broadcast conferences (with experts speaking from remote onsite locations) provides a collaborative global education experience.

Here are questions asked by students in today’s videoconference:

  1. What is unique about your town, city or country?
  2. What do you do for fun and what are your three (3) favorite bands?
  3. What is your favorite class in school?
  4. Is there a lot of tourism in Mozambique?
  5. Do you have a traditional food?
  6. What kinds of sports do you play in Mozambique?
  7. Who do you think is going to win the World Cup?
  8. What are your favorite movies?
  9. What are your thoughts on child abuse in the US?
  10. What do you think about HIV Aids? (Interesting fact – there are 1 million people in Mozambique with Aids).
  11. What is the one thing you could not live without? Mozambique answer: FAMILY
  12. If you could take a trip anywhere in the world where would you go? Mozambique answer Brazil – Why to see all the pretty girls.
  13. Mozambique asks: What do you think about the show “American Idol” and “Jerry Springer” – Interesting answers.
  14. How is the educational system in the US?
  15. What are your aspirations for the future?
  16. What holiday do you celebrate in Mozambique?
  17. Who are your role models?
  18. What do you think of the legalization of prostitution and drugs in the US?

It was interesting to learn that most of the students in Mozambique can speak at least 4 languages. United States students were entertained by singing and dancing from Mozambique students.

-by Elaine Shuck, Guest Blogger

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