Atmospheric Adventures

Today Berrien Springs Middle School is participating in four sessions of Atmospheric Adventures with COSI Toledo, one of our favorite science museums.

Students are immediately engaged in conversation and interaction that helps them realize that Andy, the presenter, can actually see them! It’s a great way to start VCs and helps break the ice for classes that are new to videoconferencing. They are immediately put at ease and are ready to learn.

During the program, Andy calls on volunteers to try out various experiments that help to explain concepts such as air pressure and how it interacts with matter & gravity.

One of the ways I evaluate a program when I’m watching the program is the posture of the students. If they are sitting up & leaning forward, you know they are engaged & interested in the program! You should definitely plan to do a program with COSI Toledo sometime next year if you haven’t already…

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  1. Thanks Janine for your help with our VC. The kids had a blast and learned so much! The next day they came into class and informed me they had voted and wanted to participate in VC for the rest of the year! Sounds good to me!

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