Aztec, Maya and More

In the last three weeks we’ve had three schools participate in 7 sessions of Aztec, Maya, and More with The Cleveland Museum of Art. This program tightly matches our 6th grade curriculum as students are studying the Western Hemisphere.

The program starts off right away with great interaction. With many questions, students are encouraged to think carefully about what we can learn about people from the sculpture they are viewing.

As you can see in the picture, The Cleveland Museum of Art, uses a very cool technology: the green screen, just as the weatherman does! This definitely adds to the quality of the program and the way students feel connected to the presenter & engaged in the content.

The presenter is willing to adapt the program based on what the teacher requests. The Cleveland Museum of Art has much (most or all?) of their collection digitized and they can easily bring up additional images based on the teachers’ preference.
Here are some comments from two of the teachers who participated:

“The presenter was awesome with my kids! She answered even their questions about how the video conference was done. She gave background on the museum, and was very patient even with some of the not-so-bright answers my kids gave. We learned so much, and my students loved it!”

” The gal was very helpful, patient, and flexible with lines of questioning. Next best thing to being there! My kids had a blast! Students enjoyed interacting with the speaker. They got to ask questions as well as answer them. The more the students participated the more they got out of the program. This program is good for an introduction of the subject or as a review to finish the topic. I’m very happy I did this videoconferencing.”

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