Attending Meetings Via Videoconference

So you’re attending your first videoconference meeting? Here are some tips to make your experience more pleasant.

Before the Meeting Starts

  1. Find out what the indicator of the microphone is for muting and notice when your site is muted or unmuted. In a multipoint videoconference (more than 3), you should mute when you are not speaking. Make sure your site is muted until the facilitator or meeting leader calls on your site.
  2. Find the picture in picture (or display of your room) and pay attention to what others are seeing and hearing from your site.

During the Meeting

  1. During roll call and introductions, let people know who’s in the room with you if they are not on camera.
  2. Identify yourself when speaking. (This is John from Berrien Springs, and my question is…..)
  3. Speak up and interrupt if there is a technical problem.
  4. Do not expect perfection.
  5. Be conscious of audio delay but continue your thought even if someone interrupts, and then pass the floor to them.
  6. Necessary side conversations could happen via instant message or email tools. Communicate appropriately!

Ending the Meeting

  1. Say your usual thank you and farewell greetings.
  2. Send follow-up communications via email.

Your Turn: What other tips would you share?

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