Paperless Meetings

While this is green meeting month for Berrien RESA, we have not tried to make the meetings also paperless this first go around. We thought we’d ease into this by meeting via videoconference first. But the next step is definitely also creating a  paperless meeting. So what are some tools for making the meeting paperless?

  1. Email. At a basic level, the meeting chair could send the agenda and any supporting documents to everyone in one email ahead of time.
  2. GoogleDocs. If the meeting involves collaborative document creation, how about using GoogleDocs to write on the file together? Remember the limitation of 10 people writing at the same time. It is still helpful to have a lead recorder unless you are doing free for all brainstorming.
  3. Moodle. Recently I heard a report of a meeting that used a Moodle site to keep all the documents for a committee that met regularly. Files for each meeting can be added to each section. Shared responsibility can be given to all or some of the committee members to contribute documents.
  4. Wiki. A wiki site could be used the same way – for everyone to contribute and to keep a written record of the committee’s work. It can also be made private.

By the way, these tips would work for face to face meetings also, if everyone already brings a laptop or electronic device to the meeting.

For more inspiration, read this article about paperless school board meetings in Georgia or review this nice two page paperless meeting guide or Paper-free Committee-ment by Doug Johnson.

Your turn: What other resources would you suggest?

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