Authors, Guest Speakers, and International Connections: Videoconferencing for Learning

Yesterday Elaine Shuck, Polycom, and I had a packed IVC showcase session. About 70 people attended. You can access the PowerPoint and links here.

We connected to Jim Stovall, blind author of the book, The Ultimate Gift. In just 10 minutes of interaction with Jim, the audience was hooked and enthralled with the interaction. We were able to take several questions from the audience.

One of the coolest moments occurred at the end. I’ll quote here my supervisor, Dennis’ comment on one of my blog entries yesterday:

Educators live for those “Aha!” moments. It is no less exciting to see that in educators. Such was the case in a session with Elaine, Jim and Janine presenting about the ASK program with author, Jim Stovall. At then end of that part of the session a teacher, in her Aha! monent, said “I really want to do this with my students – but what’s a Polycom?” – a wonderful, heartfelt Aha! moment. We do indeed touch people’s personal and professional hearts when we share the good thing we are doing with teachers and kids. Janine, Jim and Elaine are demonstrating visionary leadership.

Cool. It’s as awesome to impact teachers as impacting kids with great VCs!

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