Behind the Scenes in Mrs' Claus' Studio

07-12-20mrssanta.jpgThe last three days we’ve had 41 sessions with 1,134 students connect to Mrs. Claus to hear a story read and to ask her some questions. I thought you might like a little peek behind the scenes.

We had several elves help us make this happen. Elf Kevin suggested the book, How Santa Got His Job, and scanned the pictures into a PowerPoint so that the students could see them and Mrs. Claus could still read from the book. Elf Eunice took on the task of scheduling all the classes, creating a GoogleDocs master schedule, and collecting class lists from all of the teachers. We checked the thermometer every morning so we could tell the students precisely how cold it was. (-24 on Tuesday, -33 yesterday, and -40 today!!). Mrs. Claus selected a few Santa jokes to tell the 1st and 2nd grade students.

Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus asked the students in the beginning of the session if they were good and called on them by name. She read the story and asked them some prediction and comprehension questions throughout the story.

Then she took questions. We had so many fun questions. Here are a few of them:

  • When did you start dating Santa?
  • Does Santa have a big globe?
  • Do you make Christmas cookies for santa?
  • Do you like cookies and milk too?
  • Where do you keep the reindeer?
  • Is Rudolph soft?
  • Does Rudolph’s nose ever go out?

My favorite story from the sessions is from one school. A boy came up and asked, “Am I on the good list?” Mrs. Claus looked at him, and asked, “Hmm. I’m not sure. Why does your shirt say Blame My Sister? Did you do something wrong?” The whole class roared as he tried to cover up the words on his shirt!

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