Cross Platform Desktop VC

Here’s a nice little blurb from Tech4Learning about cross platform (Mac to PC) desktop videoconferencing.

Another option the teachers could pursue is using the commercial software Trillian Pro on the Windows-side. Users of Trillian Pro can videoconference directly with Macintosh users running iChat AV videoconferencing software.

Did you know that? It was new to me. If anyone has tried this, please leave a comment as to how well it works.

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  1. I have actually used this and it works great. My husband has a Mac and uses iChat and I have a PC. About a year ago we stumbled across Trillian Pro while looking for something that would work with both. At that time Skype did not have video support for the Mac. When one of us is out of town on business we use this to connect back home to our three year old son. With the exception of having to figure out what ports to open when we switched internet provders, it has worked great.

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