Day 10: Assisting Teachers with Preparation

20 Days to Being a Better VC CoordinatorA critical part of a successful videoconference is preparation. So how can you help make sure it happens? Here are some ideas.

Preparation Lesson Plans
Many programs have preparation materials which are very helpful.

  • When the program is scheduled, ask the teacher if they received the materials.
  • A week or so before the program, ask the teacher if they were able to use the materials. Depending on how often you have VCs, you could plan an hour or so once a month/week to check in with the teachers who have upcoming VCs and see if they are getting the students prepared.
  • Some coordinators, depending on their position and other responsibilities, are able to actually do the preparation lessons with the students. Don’t do this more than once; encourage the teacher to team teach the next time; then maybe they can do it on their own. You’ll find it less stressful if you can move your teachers towards independence.

When classes are presenting, encourage them to practice.

  • Practice in the classroom.
  • Practice with a fake mic.
  • Practice with the videoconference system.
  • Practice with the visuals. Make sure they are clear enough!

When two of my schools were starting out with VC, the library aides took library time to connect to each other and have each student say a couple sentences on camera. The two classes just took turns until all the students had a turn. Every class participated. This broke the ice for all the students and teachers in each school!

Explain VC to the Students Just Before the Program
I encourage each of my coordinators to make sure students and teacher understand VC before the connection. Usually just a 2 minute little introduction before the program starts. Include:

  • Explain the video & audio quality – it’s not broadcast quality TV!
  • Explain where the mic is and that it can pick up rustling sounds.
  • The people at the other side can see & hear them.
  • Remind the students to speak up loudly and clearly.
  • Encourage them to represent their school with best behavior!

We’ll talk about preparing questions and involving all the students in future posts.

Other preparation tip lists online:

comment1 Challenge Choices:

  • Find an upcoming videoconference on your schedule and ask the teacher how they are preparing for the videoconference. See if they need any assistance.
  • If preferred, write a little outline for your “speech” for before a videoconference.

comment1 Comment:

  • How do you help teachers prepare for a videoconference? Any other tips?
  • What is hard about helping teachers prepare? Where do you get stuck?

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  1. To help teachers with video conferencing. I usually set up the machine before the meeting. I also help the teachers set up a few presets for their presentation needs and discuss the mute features on the microphone and VC control.

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