Day 9: Cancellations

20 Days to Being a Better VC CoordinatorGuest blogged by Roxanne Glaser

Sometimes life interrupts the best laid plans. You have worked with teachers and found content that fits with their curriculum. You submitted the paperwork. You have conducted test calls. You follow up with the teacher and you hear this, “I cannot do that videoconference.” What do you do?

Let’s start with what not to do. Don’t yell. Don’t take it personally. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Here are five tips for how to handle a cancellation

  1. Find out why the teacher is canceling.
  2. If the teacher is nervous or unsure about the event, contact facilitator or content provider for reassurance.
  3. Contact the content provider or facilitator of the session to find out if adjusting the schedule is possible. (NOTE: Be sure to read the cancellation policy of a content provider when you book the session. Some will charge a cancellation fee.)
  4. Try to find another teacher in your building to replace the class that is canceling.
  5. Communicate to all involved that the connection will not take place and diplomatically explain why.

comment1 Challenge: Add a tip in the comments section that you have used in the past when a teacher cancels a connection.

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  1. As of yet I have never had to cancel I Video conference. I think honesty is the best policy. Who knows what will affect the daily schedule of the classroom weather it be a snow day or illness.

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