Day 8: Collaboration Sites and Listservs

20 Days to Being a Better VC CoordinatorYesterday with Roxanne’s guidance, you set up accounts on the most common websites you’ll need to login to and register for videoconference programs.

Today’s focus is on collaboration sites and listservs. This is your support community. You’ll learn from others, get ideas for using VC in the classroom, and even find out about new programs from content providers.

Collaborations Around the Planet
Also known as CAPspace, this site is where the popular Read Around the Planet registration and matching happens. By the way, today is the last day to register for RAP (and you have to have verified equipment already). CAPspace also allows you to post your own teacher-created collaborations to an audience of over 2000 educators (emailed daily).

  • For today’s challenge, work through the CAPspace scavenger hunt. At least, check your phone number and address, collect some badges, and set your privacy to Full if you want others to find you for collaborations.
  • If you already have your account set up, go to My Projects, Collaborations, and write up a past collaboration that you’ve done. This will add to your stars or “reputation” in the site. Make sure you mark it as Past or you’ll have partners signing up!

Other Collaboration Sites
Next, pick one of these collaboration sites that you haven’t explored yet. Get an account set up and explore it.

Finally, are you on the popular videoconferencing listservs? If not, pick at least one and sign up for it. The easiest to sign up for is the Collaboration Collage.

  • Collaboration Collage: The oldest and largest VC listserv.¬† Listserv ended Fall 2010.
  • K-12 IVC (Established January 2003; CILC took on maintenance of this listserv in October 2008).
    • To subscribe to K12IVC@CILC, please send a blank e-mail to
    • To unsubscribe to K12IVC@CILC, please send a blank e-mail to
    • To post a message to K12IVC@CILC, send it to You must be a subscriber to K12IVC to post.
    • To switch to digest mode, send an email to with the subject K12IVC@CILC.
    • For general list help, please contact

CommentDid you do all three challenges? Please comment and tell us what you thought!

  • CAPspace Scavenger Hunt
  • Sign up for another collaboration site
  • Sign up for a listserv

CommentComment: Did I miss your favorite site? Do you have any other tips? Please share.

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