Day 20: Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Well, here we are at the end of another 20 Day Challenge for videoconferencing. Let’s review, reflect, and look to the future…


  • In the first week, we focused on Read Around the Planet, with tips, tricks, and suggestions for a quality experience.
  • We spent a few days on responding to projects posted by others, and how to manage “exploding” projects that get out of control.
  • We talked about how projects can bridge the gap between idea and actual implementation; and examined the different aspects of running your own projects.
  • Finally, we spent some time on best practice for collaboration and managing your work load.


Here are some questions to get you started on your reflection:

  1. What did you learn in the last twenty days?
  2. What is one tip that you plan to implement yet this school year?
  3. What is your next step?

It has been a learning experience for me too! It is always helpful to reflect, review, and improve my practice. My take-aways are:

  1. Time to review my habits to streamline and clean up my procedures!
  2. Best practices for using wikis to manage projects.
  3. All the tips for managing email: Day 8, Day 14, Day 16, Day 19.

What about you? Feel free to comment!

Looking Down the Yellow Brick Road

So what is down the road in your future? Where will you apply your learning? Where will you keep learning? Here are some suggested new paths:

Participate in upcoming spring projects

Deepen your learning

  • Review the templates in the Projects Booklet. Is there a format that you could tie to your required curriculum? Do it with 4 -6 teachers to apply what you’ve been learning.
  • Beef up the interaction in your upcoming Read Around the Planet sessions. Don’t just “present” to the other class. Get them involved. Review the interaction tips in the RAP Teacher packet; review the series on applying research based instructional techniques to your videoconferences.
  • Look around you. Find a partner to team-organize projects between your schools. Learn with and from each other.

Finally. Please comment and tell us what you learned during this challenge!

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